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Channel 4's betting guru since 1983, and his fans have given him the name of 'Big Mac'. Even though Channel 4 do not cover the Grand National, McCririck has definitely had influence on market moves in the National. A prime example is 1994 when McCririck was particularly bullish about the chances of the favourite Master Oats. For weeks leading up to the race, McCririck extolled the merits of this challenger and by the morning of the National, Master Oats, who had been at odds of 40-1 when the weights were announced, had become a joint 8-1 favourite. McCririck never claims to be smart tipster but he himself has had big wins. He backed Zafonic to win the 1993 2,000 Guineas and in 1995 supported Pennekamp to beat

The old cathedral was replaced by the New Cathedral, constructed in 1880, and one of the largest in South America, able to hold 9,000 of Cuenca’s 10,000 residents when it was completed. Other notable churches are San Blas, San Francisco, and Santo Domingo, all of which have beautiful and very photogenic façades.In addition to churches, Cuenca features an extensive list of excellent museums that provide the context and information needed to fully appreciate this historic city. The Museo del Banco Central has a collection of photographs of Cuenca from decades past as well as exhbitions of local art. The Museo de las Culturas Aborigenas showcases archaeological artifacts from the region’s pre-Columbian cultures.

The Museo de las Conceptas gives visitors insight into religious life and its importance in the city’s history.Cuenca is the unlikely primary source of authentic Panama hats. Ecuador is actually the origin of this iconic hat, which FAMOUS STARS CAP got its name because they were shipped from the Panama Canal. Visitors to Barranco, the Panama Hat Museum will gain appreciation for the history of the hat and don’t miss out on a chance to buy one by visiting the Casa de la Mujer in Plaza San Francisco where you can find a variety of hats to suit any taste.Finally, Cajas National Park is just outside Cuenca, about 18 miles (30 km) to the northwest. The park is comprised of 110 square miles (29,000 ha) of land and is filled Image with 230 lakes as well as rivers and streams.